TBK Bank Thirsty 13 Half Marathon
TBK BankThirsty 13 Half Marathon


The Course


We currently plan to run our out-and-back course on County Road 213 along the beatiful Animas River, starting and finishing at Ska Brewing.  This is a "Covid-friendly" course as it does not require bus transportation to the start line.  It is mostly flat with gorgeous scenery.


If Covid conditions improve to the point that bus transportation is possible, we will switch to our point-to-point course from Hesperus to Ska Brewing.  This is the original race course that features lots of downhill and views of Lake Nighthorse.


If you sign up for the race, please be okay with either course.  They are both great!  We are making every effort to give you the best possible race experience and also ensure everyone's safety.



Point-To-Point Course Description


Beautiful.  Scenic.  Fast.  We designed an awesome point-to-point course that includes plenty of downhill and lots of great views along the way!


Oh, and did we mention that your finish line is a brewery?



From start to finish, you'll descend 1400 feet in elevation while enjoying lake and mountain views.  We also included just enough uphill to make sure you feel like you earned your beer.  You'll get a good 3/4 mile climb in the middle of the course, and a dramatic finish up Ska Hill at the end.


We'll bus you from Ska Brewing out to Hesperus Church on La Plata Highway for the start.  From there, you'll run La Plata Highway, County Road 125, Wildcat Canyon, County Road 210 past beautiful Lake Nighthorse, and then through Bodo to a finish at Ska Brewing.



Course Map:




Detailed view of the final two miles:




Elevation profile:


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