TBK Bank Thirsty 13 Half Marathon
TBK BankThirsty 13 Half Marathon

Training at The Vault


The Thirsty 13 Half Marathon is thrilled to have The Vault as our official gym partner for the race!


Why The Vault? 


Simple.  We want you to be well trained and injury-free when race day rolls around, and working out at The Vault is the best way to make that happen.


What Makes The Vault The Best Choice For Runners?


"Fit For Life" Focus:  The Vault focuses on getting you fit for all the things you do -- running, biking, chasing kids, etc.  Their workouts incorporate so much more than just lifting weights.


Endurance Focus:  Workouts at The Vault are focused on endurance -- perfect for distance runners.


Diverse Programming:  Unlike other specialty gyms in town, The Vault is not limited to specific exercises and equipment.  More diverse workouts means better overall fitness, and more fun for your time in the gym.


Great Coaching:  The staff at The Vault are certified coaches who know how to make workouts fun!


Great Community:  You're going to make friends at The Vault, guaranteed.  It's that kind of place.  And you're going to see a LOT of runners there.


Pricing:  Memberships are as low as $100/month, making it easier for everyone to enjoy a gym that provides accountability, great workouts, instruction, and motivation.


Running + The Vault = Success


As a runner myself, trust me on this.  The best way to train for a half marathon is NOT just running.  That is likely to lead to overuse injuries, especially if this is your first time attempting a half marathon.


Incorporating regular cross-training builds strength and endurance that not only help you prevent injury, but also will make you stronger and faster on your runs.


Our Training Recommendation


We want you running three times a week at most.  And 2 - 3 times a week, we want you doing something other than running. 


Would you believe you could train for a half marathon with as little as just one day of running a week, along with regular workouts at The Vault?  I've seen lots of people do it, and they show up at the start line strong, fit, and ready to run.



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