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Intermediate training plan
2019 intermediate training plan.pdf
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This is a 14-week training plan designed for the intermediate runner.  If you can already knock out 5 or 6 miles, then this program is right for you.


Click on the file above, print it, stick it on your fridge, and let's start training!


Training Program Overview:


This program requires just four days of running each week, plus an optional day of cross-training.  The "rest days" are really important, as they help you get stronger and also help prevent injury.


During the first week, you are starting with runs of 4 - 6 miles.  If you are not yet ready to do 6 miles, you will want to build in some "pre-training" before you start the program.


Each week includes a "long run" scheduled for Saturday.  The distance increases as you progress through the program.  By the end, you will have completed three runs of 12 - 13 miles, plus three slightly shorter runs at "race pace."  This will have you ready to set that PR on race day.


The program ends two weeks before race day.  Use this time to "taper", doing easy "maintenance runs" every other day.  You won't lose any endurance by taking it easy for just two weeks, and this time will allow your legs to be fresh on race day.


The workouts fall into different categories, as follows:


"Easy."  Run at a pace that allows you to maintain a conversation.  These are what we call "maintenance runs."  The focus is on logging quality miles to maintain strength and endurance.


"Tempo Run."  These runs are a slightly shorter distance, and the idea is to run them just a little bit faster than your usual pace.  This helps to build speed for race day.


"Cross-Train."  On these days, do something other than running, like cycling, swimming, yoga, or strength training.


"Race pace."  These runs are designed to simulate your pace on race day.  We dial back the distance just a bit compared to your other long runs, and focus on getting you comfortable with a faster speed.



Need some extra coaching and encouragement?  We know some great running coaches who have worked with every type of runner from first-time half marathoners to elite athletes!  Contact us at thirsty13durango@gmail.com for more info.




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